Collage (other patterns available to do in class)
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Collage (other patterns available to do in class)

This is a follow up class of the heart collage class but even if you have not taken that class you can absolutely join us!

Continue to learn more about the collage technique.



  •          60” of cotton voile Pattern Ease (available at the store)
  •          6 yards of 24” Steam a seam 2 double stick fusible web (not the lite and no substitutions)
  •          Fabric Fuse adhesive– in the green bottle
  •          Small piece of black or dark grey for beak,
  •          ½ yard of purple for the legs (if done in different pieces, if you want 1 long piece you will need 1 yard)
  •          1 black polka dot with white background for the eye
  •          Applique pressing sheet (optional)
  •          Very sharp medium size scissors to cut out your shapes.
  •          Patterns available at the store to purchase

Recommended: Karen Kay Buckley’s medium blue scissors (available at the store) because they are serrated and able to get into little corners, fabric won’t fray. You will use them for a lot of other projects!

  •          A Sharpie for tracing your pattern
  •          Fabric! This is the fun part. Dive into your stash or check the store and find cuttable flowers in pinks of several shades, pink/oranges and whites. Any other prints you want to put in. Bring most flowers as they work best for the feathers. Different sizes and styles, colors and shapes. A little bit of a lot of different fabrics
  •          Save scraps from cutting or bring Fat 1/8 of 4-5 “tamer” fabrics to use as “underlays”
  •          Wrapping paper tube
  •          Some sort of serving tray to lay out your fabric pieces


Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Beginner (adult)
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Femke Huisman

Collage (other patterns available to do in class)

$ 30.00
Teacher fee only pattern not included in price
Thu, Apr 9, 2020 at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
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